My name is Kim and I am the photographer behind Paradise Lane Photography and based in northwest Phoenix, AZ.


Photography is my hobby and my passion and I am always striving to learn something new and do something more with my art.  I believe that knowledge can be found anywhere and take any class I can and network with any other photography enthusiast who is interested!  I was inspired to really learn photography when my first son was born in 2009 and soon I was doing photo shoots for friends and family and a part-time business was born and grew from there.

I love doing sessions on location or in a studio setting and I am always up for trying something new to help clients achieve their vision.  I am an 'available' light photographer: I can shoot in natural or ambient light or bring my flash along to create light when there isn't any available.

I always wonder what other photographers use, so here's my most used equipment:
Canon EOS 6D
Canon 50mm f1.4

Canon 85mm f1.8

Canon 135L f2.0
Yongnuo YN600EX-RT (x2)

Yongnuo YN-E3-RT

Kim Nalette
Kim Nalette

The photographer behind Paradise Lane Photography